North Carolina LinguaFolio Online (NC LFO) Pilot

NCDPI is working with the Title VI Language Resource Center at the University of Oregon, the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS), to update and customize a LinguaFolio Online (LFO) for North Carolina, which will replace e-LinguaFolio.

  • Applications were accepted through January 22, 2018, for this pilot, and 50 ESL and World Language teachers were selected. Those teachers receive FREE accounts for themselves and their students during Spring 2018.
  • Once the pilot accounts have been established, teachers and students may login here:
  • Questions and technical issues about LFO can be sent to the LFO Support Team at .

Pilot Webinars

Feedback Surveys

Instructor Tutorials

Student Tutorials

Teachers participating in the NC LFO pilot are expected to attend each of the 3 webinars listed below. Please choose either the Tuesday or Thursday offering of each one that best fits your schedule.

After the webinars, teachers should receive an email receipt with the contact hours earned for participating in the live broadcast. The presentation slides will be posted here in three formats, along with a recording of one of the broadcasts, in case teachers want to review the information further.

Here are the tutorials or manuals provided by CASLS for use with LFO for NC, which are downloadable PDFs from a Google drive.

LFO Pilot Launch Webinars: 2/6 and 2/8

Presentation: Google Slides, PowerPoint, PDF
Recording: Thursday, Feb. 8 -MP4 file

In addition, teachers will provide feedback throughout the pilot via online surveys so the NC LFO can be readied for statewide release during the 2018-19 school year.



LFO Pilot Update Webinars: 3/27 and 3/29

Presentation slides: Google, PowerPoint, PDF

LFO Pilot Wrap-up Webinars: 5/1 and 5/3

Presentation slides: Google, PowerPoint, PDF

Link to ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 with samples to share in various languages

Here is a Google form to share your feedback on the tutorials, LFO pilot, LFO pilot process, and anything else you feel would be helpful to prepare for the release of NC LFO to the field, such as:
  • Typos/spelling error,
  • Layout of format,
  • Phrasing or wording that could improve clarity

  1. LFO Overview

  2. Signing Up and Logging In

  3. Adding and Removing Students

  4. Assigning Can-Do Statements

  5. Evidence Review Process

  6. Reviewing Student Evidence

  7. Resetting Passwords

  1. LFO Overview

  2. Signing Up and Logging In

  3. Uploading Evidence (mobile app versions below)

  4. Self-Reflection and My Proficiency Overview

  5. Evidence Review Process

When using the LFO to Go app, please refer to these tutorials for each type of smart device.



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For more information about LinguaFolio in North Carolina for ESL programs, contact:

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For more information about LinguaFolio for World Language programs, contact:

Ivanna M.T. Anderson

ESL/Title III Consultant

Xatli Stox

ESL/Title III Consultant

Ann Marie Gunter

World Languages Consultant